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Its 2 am in melbourne, and due to the decision of not going out on a rainy night, i am stuck with watching cindy crawford’s beauty secrets..maybe i should follow up on that czech chick instead of staying in.. Anyway, here’s my first mixtape i’m going to present in this blog. Yea, i cant be bothered to make an introductory note on why i decide to make a blog bla bla bla..ill do it on the next one…here goes..

Guitars. A fucking great band needs a fucking great guitarist. Im serious. I mean keane is good, but how good? Total respect to them(and any other band who has pulled it off, im a fan too btw). But c’mon, who are we kidding here..(with all respect to other instruments though, such as the drums and bass and just making an argument on how i love the guitars here people, i aint no discriminating them other instruments, they all part of the family).

I’m A Man – Black Strobe

I think this is a great remake by black strobe, the sonics did a preety awesome orig. but the new one kicks ass nonetheless. I think this song is one o them songs that saved guy ritchie’s new movie. He has been slacking hasnt he? Lets hope his sherlock holmes movee would be better.

Get Free – The Vines

I loved them the minute i saw them. I mean, i thought they were gona be the next nirvana. This post-modern grunge(if i may call them grunge, you can call them whatever you like) is one heck of a revival at the time! And this song is a great adrenaline pump. I mean, my mates even made a gang name out of it. (wth?!) Yea well, Im sure u’ve all seen it, heard it a dozen times, but they need to be here.

Dont Speak (I came to make a BANG!) – Eagles of Death Metal

You watched that nike advert on that dutch lad who becomes a hot shot ar arsenal? yea the one where he gets owned by wazza and tevez. And tell me you did not like the song that was on it. Even worse, tell me you dont even like the advert. If you dont like them, you might be too young, a woman or a queer. Neverthless EODM is a new fresh vibe i think, they can go far. I mean, dave grohl and jack black is on their other video! Their approval is as good as anyones!

All Right – The SIGIT

Im Indonesian. I would be hypocritical not to put them in this list. I love them. They were dubbed, “Indonesia’s The Strokes” ? More like a crossover of sex pistols and GNR! I like them, you should too. I mean, their english is great too. Its not that i have anything against bands who cant sing using english properly, but I believe, when youre singing, youre delivering a message, and to do that, you need to clearly do it. or people would just underrate you. word.

Shake,Shake,Shake – White Denim

I first saw them at, they were doing a gig. Their crisp tunes really blew the whole scene. I like how passionate they were, they sounded like they were having fun, just jamming the whole tune off. Holy stars n stripes! I think this might be the succesor to KOL’s southern rock style. Destined for greatness, me thinks. Definetely worth the checking.

Mcfearless – Kings of Leon

Do I really need to say anything to the greatest band this year?(Cmon, we hardcore fans knew they were gona do it anyway) NME dubbed their first album ‘the best there is for this decade’, and i second that. Oh fuck it, they dont need anymore compliments. This tennesessee brothers deliver. Defo.

Long Before Rock & Roll – Mando Diao

Was in swiss when i first heard them, I missed their concert just by hours. I didnt even believe they were swedish! I thought they epitomize the true nature of a basic rock n roll band. They kept it simple. No DJ scracthing or crap like those.

Ize of The World – The Strokes

Have you noticed where i got the Kasablankas name from? well yea. I want to be him. If youre a hardcore fan, you’ll know how his ability in writing lyrics really catches you. Im planning on writing a bit on the strokes, so ill let you listen to this and make your own judgement. And the guitar solo on this one, daymn son!

Headlights – Nine Black Alps

Sleepwalk Capsules – At The Drive In

Just Got To Be – The Black Keys

Rock & Roll Queen – The Subways

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December 13, 2008 at 12:47 pm

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